President Trump: “We Are People Who Love”
President Trump talks about faith in each other and our values. He says “we are people who love” and goes on from there. He further continues with “there is no country like the United States of America” and he exclaims there is no division too big to heal. Read more
Trump: “We Are Not Defined By The Color of Our Skin”
President Trump preaches unity and respect for the National Anthem to the members and veterans of the American Legion. He emphasizes our future and he repeats “we will win, we will win”. Read more
President Trump: American Patriots and Winning Our Battles
President Trump tells the American Legion we are getting better at missile defense and he talks about his new strategy in Afghanistan. He says he will give our troops the tools they need to win. President trump also talks about the record pace our country is destroying terrorist organizations.... Read more
President Trump Honors Veterans of ‘The American Legion’
President Trump honors the great veterans of The American Legion who fought in wars since World War 2 that were in the audience. They are patriots that make our country proud in so many ways the President emphasizes, as well as the importance of ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ “for... Read more
Vast Amounts Are Being Spent On Nuclear Arsenal
President Trump says we will take up the common cause with any ally against terrorism and any real enemy. We are spending billions on new defense initiatives and on the nuclear arsenal. The President gives great deference and respect to the thousands of heroes that lie in Arlington National... Read more
President Trump And An Emotional Moment With Carryn Owens
President Donald J. Trump in an emotional moment in his speech to the nation and congress speaks directly to Carryn Owens, the widow of a U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens, who is an american Hero that gave his life to protect our nation. Here is... Read more