President Trump And Romania
President Trump is back in D.C. but hasn’t stopped his tour on diplomacy as he met with the current President of Romania Klaus Iohannis Read more
President Trump Headlines RRR Relief Table
In an effort to further push his newest agenda on transportation, President Trump was the head speaker at that Roads, Rails, and Regulatory Relief Roundtable where he met with over ten states and their local heads of transportation. Read more
President Trump Initiates New Plans
As tensions on Capitol Hill continue to rise, President Trump has his eyes set on a new American infrastructure plan that he believes will save our economy, create on-time flights and rebuild our highways. Read more
President Trump Proposes New Air Traffic Initiative
In an effort to rebuild American infrastructure, President Trump has decided to propose an initiative to re-invent the efficiency of air traffic control at airports around the country. He believes this will make transit more reliable and save the government money that could be used elsewhere. Read more
President Trump Addresses Health Care and Rips Obamacare
Just off of a flight, President Trump held a speech with 2 small families from Ohio and Kentucky to help him make examples of how he feels Obamacare has negatively affected the country and small business owners. Read more