First Lady Melania Trump Is A Hit With The People of Poland
A fashionable, stunning and popular First Lady Melania Trump addresses the people of Poland to introduce President Donald Trump in his address directly to the people. He is obviously proud and kisses her at the podium. Read more
The President And First Lady Melania Trump State Dinner With South Korean President
After a long day of trade negotiation and talk about North Korea, President Donald Trump with First Lady Melania Trump and President Moon had a state dinner with honored guests. Read more
President Donald J. Trump Meets With President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama
President Trump and First Lady Melania trump sat down for a warm meeting with President Juan Carlos Varela and his wife Mrs. Lorena Castillo de Varela of Panama. Read more
Stunning First Lady Melania Trump Reflects On Trip With Soldiers
During the presidents trip outside the United States to improve relations, one of their final stops was at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. First Lady Melania Trump gave a heartfelt speech reflecting on her trip with her husband, President Donald Trump. There is a presidential kiss at the... Read more
President Trump Takes The Fight To Naval Air Station Sigonella
After First Lady Melania Trump gave her remarks on the wonderful parts of Europe, President Trump took to the stage at Naval Air Station Sigonella In Italy to express how serious he is about eradicating all forms of terrorism and how the world leaders will collectively take initiative. Read more
President Trump And Prime Minister Netanyahu Share The Love Together
President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu share a long term personal friendship as now do their wives. The Prime Minister is obviously very pleased to have The President of The United States and the First Lady as his guests. They each talk about a wide range... Read more
President Trump Speaks To The Israeli People
President Donald Trump joined Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to reaffirm the enduring friendship and support the United States has for the people and the State of Israel. He talks about current issues involving terrorism, trade, commerce and hopes for peace. Listen in. Read more
President Trump Remarks At Arrival Ceremony In Israel
President Donald Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel to a very strong reception from the Israeli government. He gives arrival remarks to many dignitaries and members of his family and the First Lady Melania Trump, with Air Force One sitting majestically in the background. Take a look at this... Read more
President Trump’s Warm Meeting With The President of Israel
As President Trump sits with President Rivlin of Israel he talks about the closeness and cooperation the United States has with Israel and how he feels the bad situation in Iran has brought the entire Middle East closer to Israel than it ever was before. Listen. Read more
President Trump’s Full Speech In The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
President Trump gave an incredible speech to leaders of Muslim Nations and Arab countries while in the Royal Palace of Saudi Arabia with the King at his side. This is complete version of that speech. Here is a full transcript of the speech: I want to thank King Salman... Read more