President Trump Strongly Defends His Son In France
President Trump strenuously defends his son Donald Trump Jr. and calls him a “wonderful young man” over questions by the press at a press conference in Paris with President Macron. He believes anyone in politics would have likely taken the meeting initially with the now controversial Russian lawyer. He... Read more
President Trump Indicates New Thinking With Paris Accord
President Donald Trump in his news conference with President Macron of France indicates that he may find a way to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord as he also states he has developed a great new friendship with President Emmanuel Macron and is looking forward to having dinner at the... Read more
President Macron Speaks About Climate Accord and Trump Friendship
President Emmanuel Macron speaks again about his commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, but he also tells the Feench people in a joint press conference with President Trump that he feels they agree on most all other issues and that they have developed a very friendly relationship. Read more
President Trump With President Macron Speaks To The People of France
President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with President Macron and he speaks directly and impressively to the people of France and the United States about the great contrinutions of the French people and important challenges we are facing together. Listen in. Read more
Prime Minister Abe And President Trump Hold Meeting On North Korea
During his travels abroad, President Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe to discuss their renewed commitments to each other as well as their mutual interest in solving the massive problem that is North Korea’s agenda. Read more
President Trump Takes The Lead And Stuns At NATO Summit
In Brussels, Belgium, many leaders of the western world gathered for a NATO conference that was also an unveiling for the memorials of Article 5 and the Berlin Wall. Aside from this memorial, President Trump wanted to deliver a speech on the importance of a united front on terrorism... Read more
Stunning First Lady Melania Trump Reflects On Trip With Soldiers
During the presidents trip outside the United States to improve relations, one of their final stops was at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. First Lady Melania Trump gave a heartfelt speech reflecting on her trip with her husband, President Donald Trump. There is a presidential kiss at the... Read more
President Trump And Strong Handshake With New President Macron
Rounding out his trip in Europe, President Trump met with the newly elected President Macron of France. After a very interesting election win in France, President Trump congratulated the new elect on his large victory. They discussed various issues occurring around the world as well as where the two... Read more
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Honors President Trump Friendship
In his final days of visiting Israel, President Trump was honored in a speech given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding their mutual interest in eliminating terrorism around the world and putting an end to glorifying murderers. They have been long term friends. Read more
President Trump Pays His Respects At The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chairman of the Yad Vashem memorial Avner Shalev by his side, President Donald Trump took to the podium to pay respects to the six million Jewish people that were killed during the holocaust. At the wreath laying ceremony he also touched on how... Read more