President Donald J. Trump Meets With President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama
President Trump and First Lady Melania trump sat down for a warm meeting with President Juan Carlos Varela and his wife Mrs. Lorena Castillo de Varela of Panama. Read more
President Trump Addresses Attack On Congress
President Trump speaks to the press about the horrific shooting incident that occurred this week, which took place at a baseball field outside of D.C. and placed members of Congress, staff and police heroes in the hospital for gunshot wounds. Read more
President Trump Invites Senators To Lunch
As he plans to erase Obama Care, President Donald Trump invites powerful members of congress to a luncheon where he can discuss why he thinks he can change health care in the United States. Read more
Sean Spicer Is Asked About Business Lawsuit Against President Trump
Two Democratic State Attorney’s Sue President Trump over his business practices. They are seeking his tax returns and also a ruling on the Emoluments Clause for the President. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is asked about it and her esponds strongly. Listen in. Read more
Sean Spicer Responds To Jeff Sessions Testimony
Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a White House Press Briefing on the President’s Opinion toward Jeff Sessions testifying. Read more
AG Jeff Sessions And VP Pence Show Gratitude To President Trump
Vice President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are vocal abut their thanks towards President Trump and his support for Law Enforcement during an unusual cabinet meeting. Read more
President Trump Calls Comey A ‘Leaker’
During his joint press outing with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, President Trump is grilled by press on his views of Former FBI Director James Comey and why he believes James Comey is a ‘Leaker’. He also tells the press that he is willing to share his side of the... Read more
President Trump And Romania
President Trump is back in D.C. but hasn’t stopped his tour on diplomacy as he met with the current President of Romania Klaus Iohannis Read more
President Trump Headlines RRR Relief Table
In an effort to further push his newest agenda on transportation, President Trump was the head speaker at that Roads, Rails, and Regulatory Relief Roundtable where he met with over ten states and their local heads of transportation. Read more
President Trump Initiates New Plans
As tensions on Capitol Hill continue to rise, President Trump has his eyes set on a new American infrastructure plan that he believes will save our economy, create on-time flights and rebuild our highways. Read more