President Trump On Military Strength
President Trump addresses the people on the state of America’s military technology and what he wants to do for the men and women that have answered the call of duty. He explains why he believes the American economy is on the rise. Read more
President Trump Builds On Special Relationship With UK Prime Minister May
Prime Minister Theresa May and President Trump announce publicly that they have almost completed a new trade deal that will exist between the U.S. and the UK. They also talks about working together in the future on many more trade projects. Read more
President Trump And Romania
President Trump is back in D.C. but hasn’t stopped his tour on diplomacy as he met with the current President of Romania Klaus Iohannis Read more
President Trump Headlines RRR Relief Table
In an effort to further push his newest agenda on transportation, President Trump was the head speaker at that Roads, Rails, and Regulatory Relief Roundtable where he met with over ten states and their local heads of transportation. Read more
President Trump Proposes New Air Traffic Initiative
In an effort to rebuild American infrastructure, President Trump has decided to propose an initiative to re-invent the efficiency of air traffic control at airports around the country. He believes this will make transit more reliable and save the government money that could be used elsewhere. Read more
Mike Huckabee Wants To Talk Religion With US
The former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has some strict beliefs when it comes to religion and wants Donald Trump to act on them as well. The crowd also agreed and cheered for religious freedom. Read more
Mike Huckabee Was Destroyed By Donald Trump
As Mike Huckabee came to Donald Trumps defense in Sunrise Florida, he starts out talking about how he was destroyed by the Trump campaign during his own run for the Presidency. Read more
Former Media Anchor Mike Huckabee Says News Has Failed
Former Media Anchor and Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee tells the crowd at a Trump rally in Florida that the media has absolutely failed them. He also tells his listeners about how the Financial community is crooked. Read more
Donald Trump Calls Hedge Funds “Killers”
During a campaign rally in South Florida, Donald Trump talks about his relationship with big business donors compared to Hillary. He then talks about hedge funds and calls the people that run them “Killers”. The crowd went wild as Donald Trump pulled out a fancy chart. Read more
Trump Admits He Never Thought He Would Win Florida In Primary
Donald Trump gets a roaring ovation from his crowd and he urges them to vote in November and he talks about running against Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in Florida. He never originally thought he could beat them in their home state at the beginning of the Republican winner... Read more