President Trump Believes Race Relations Will Improve With The Economy
President Trump believes race relations in America has been bad for a long time and he brings up speeches by President Obama. He says people want jobs and good pay and that will help race relations and he is also investing in the inner cities. Read more
President Trump Cuts Red Tape And Throws It On The Floor
President Trump talks about red tape getting through government requirements for infrastructure projects. He is with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao as he talks about cutting requirements for businesses so that more positive and more economical infrastructure projects can be built. Read more
Trump Blames John McCain And Insists on Infrastructure
President Trump blames Senator McCain for his failure in passing the health care bill. The President insists he will get an infrastructure bill passed and he believes it will be bi-partisan. Read more
Trump Defends Himself Over Walmart CEO Comments
President Trump replies to a statement from head of Walmart saying he “missed a critical opportunity” and what he calls his political statements. He says his first statement about Charlottesville was correct. His second statement could not have been made sooner in his opinion. He says he did not... Read more
President Trump: “Driver of The Car Is A Murderer”
President Trump does not care what you legally call it because he thinks the driver of the car that killed Heather Heyer and injured many others in Charlottesville is a murderer and it is inexcusable. Read more
President Trump Owns A House In Charlottesville
President trump owns a house in Charlottesville and a substantial winery and he chats with the press about race relations and the economy. He says when people are making money and have better wages that will have a “tremendously positive impact on race relations”. Read more
Trump Defends All His Charlottesville Statements
President Trump does not believe he waited too long to say the right thing about White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi’s in Charlottesville. He wanted to make sure he knew all the facts before making more comments over the weekend and he believes his first statement was correct. He insists there... Read more
Trump Criticizes CEO’S For Leaving Manufacturing Council Over Charlottesville
Major CEO’s left the White House Manufacturing Council. President Trump criticizes those CEO’s and especially Merck over the fact that their CEO left over his upset regarding Charlottesville comments made by the President. Read more
Trump Says All Sides Were Wrong and Violent In Charlottesville
President Trump says both sides in Charlottesville are to blame, both the left and the right acted violently. He has no doubt about it and says press is not acting honestly. The President says George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were major slave owners and asks if we should take... Read more
President Trump: Bannon “Is Not A Racist”
President Trump says he never spoke to Steve Bannon about Charlottesville and he came on late to the campaign. He says he is not a racist and is a good person. He does not say if he is staying on the White House staff. Read more