President Trump Wants To Hear Directly From Kim Jung Un
President Trump questions who is making what statement in North Korea. He says Kim Jung Un is not saying anything the last three days. The President insists he will get very tough if he has to protect the American people and our allies. Read more
Trump Believes South Korea and Japan Are Happy With Him
President Trump Flanked by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and General McMaster talks about North Korea and says the staff and allies are all unified. He will talk to the President of China and he says that Japan and South Korea are very happy... Read more
President Trump Warns “North Korea Better Get Their Act Together”
President Trump with Vice-President Pence at his side warns North Korea in no uncertain terms and he insists he will keep America and our allies safe. He also talks about China and United Nations Sanctions against North Korea. Read more
President Trump Insists No Collusion With Russia
President Trump says that everybody says there is no collusion. He thinks they are investigating something that never happened. The explains why he in fact is not good for Russia and why they would like him less than Hillary Clinton. Read more
President Trump Says Warning To North Korea “Wasn’t Tough Enough”
President Trump says his threat to North Korea “maybe wasn’t tough enough”. Asked what would be tougher than “fire and fury” the President responded “you’ll see”. He blames former Presidents for ignoring the situation and not solving the problem with North Korea. Read more
Trump Warns Kim Jung Un “It’s Not A Dare, It’s A Statement of Fact”
President Trump does not want to signal what he is doing in North Korea. He says DPRK and Kim Jung Un is not getting way with what they are doing any more. He says “Let’s See what he does in Guam!”. He states he is not daring them, but... Read more
President Trump Says He Is Not Firing Special Counsel Mueller
President Trump (with Vice President Pence and General McMaster by his side) says he has no intention of firing Special Counsel Bob Mueller. He also says there is no collusion and “I don’t speak to Russians” and that he won because he paid more attention to more people in... Read more
Trump Threatens “Fire And Fury” Against North Korea
In response to the development of nuclear weapons and threats from North Korea against the United States, President Donald Trump makes his position clear. He warns North Korea they will be met with “Fire, Fury and Power, the likes of which this world has never seen before”. Read more
President Trump Talks About “American Dream Week”
President Donald Trump in his weekly address from the White House extolls the virtues of the “American Dream” and he celebrates the fact that the stock market has added 4 trillion dollars of wealth to the economy since the beginning of his administration. Read more
Jim Acosta Of CNN and White House Advisor In Heated Exchange
Stephen Miller, President Trump’s senior policy adviser argues in a very strong manner with Jim Acosta of CNN and brings his own perspective to the words on the Statue of Liberty and the White House views on controlled immigration in a very heated exchange. Read more