Trump: “Micromanagement From Washington DC Does Not Win Battles”
President Trump is strongly relaxing the rules of engagement for the military and commanders managing troops in the field in Afghanistan and other areas of conflict. He is prepared to unleash the might of the American military on terrorism and not micro manage troops from The White House. Read more
President Trump: “We Are Not Nation Building, We Are Killing Terrorists”
President Trump will not give military troop sizes or timetables for our fight in Afghanistan or anywhere else. We hope to find peace with the Taliban, but we will not be deterred from destroying terrorism The Afghan government will have to take control of their own country and their... Read more
Trump: 20 Terrorist Organizations In Afghanistan and Pakistan
President Trump spoke about the highest concentration of terrorists in the world in Afghanistan and Pakistan and he reminds us of the consequences of that threat which caused the situation that horrified the world this past week in Barcelona, Spain. Read more
President Trump Speaks About Unity And Against Racism And Bigotry
Remembering and reflecting upon the lessons learned recently from Charlottesville, President Trump addresses military service members about unity, love, heroes, and the American ideal against bigotry and hate and saving America for freedom and unity. Read more
President Trump Lays Wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
At the Memorial Day Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetary President Donald Trump followed a historic tradition by placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. An important moment to honor fallen soldiers. Read more
President Trump Drops The “Mother of all Bombs” In Afghanistan
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer begins his daily press conference confirming that the military (with the approval of President Trump) dropped the ‘MOAB’ Mother of all Bombs on ISIS in Afghanistan. That is the biggest bomb that has ever been used by the United States Military except for... Read more