Donald Trump Loves Woman Holding “Hispanics For Trump” Sign
Trump Loves A woman holding up a “Hispanics For Trump” sign and talks about the diversity of voters for him and his love for Hispanics and diversity. Read more
Trump Speaks Out Against China And Weapons In South China Sea
Donald Trump speaks to supporters about China controversy brewing by moving weapons and facilities into the South China Sea. He says they don’t respect us. Read more
Trump Is Angry That Companies Are Moving To Mexico
Donald Trump talks about wealthy friends from Cleveland that talked to him about companies moving from Ohio to Mexico. Read more
Trump Claims China Manipulates Currency
Donald Trump at a Florida rally claims that China is a master manipulator of currency and they rig the world marketplace. Read more
Donald Trump Criticizes The Press
Donald Trump looks at the press during his rally and criticizes them fro their coverage of events. A supporter is heard yelling at CNN. Read more
Donald Trump Wants To Take On Carrier Company Directly
Donald Trump claims if he becomes President He will Carrier Air Conditioning Company and urge them forcefully to keep their workers in the United States, even if it isn’t Presidential. Read more
Trump Takes On Kasich And Rubio On Their Record
Donald Trump speaks out against political opponents, John Kasich and Marco Rubio about Ohio and Rubio’s bad voting record. Listen in. Read more
Donald Trump Shows Up In Helicopter With Music
Donald Trump Shows Up to A Rally In Boca Raton, Florida in a helicopter with royal music playing and screaming fans. He makes quite an entrance. Read more
President Obama Believes Politics Can Work
President Barack Obama addresses the nations Governors and talks about why politics and cooperation can work when people work for the common good. Something that deserves a toast. Read more