President Trump Meets With Republican Senate Members
While President Trump believes Obama-Care is wreaking havoc on the United States, he rallies the Republican Senate in the attempt to back his new health care initiative. Read more
President Trump Addresses Attack On Congress
President Trump speaks to the press about the horrific shooting incident that occurred this week, which took place at a baseball field outside of D.C. and placed members of Congress, staff and police heroes in the hospital for gunshot wounds. Read more
Sean Spicer Responds To Jeff Sessions Testimony
Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a White House Press Briefing on the President’s Opinion toward Jeff Sessions testifying. Read more
White House Defends Firing Of FBI Director Comey
Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pitch hitting today for Press Secretary Sean Spicer and she had the big job of defending President Trump and explaining the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Also Happy Birthday to her lovely daughter. Listen in. Read more
President Trump Meets Henry Kissinger After Firing FBI Director
President Donald Trump tells us he fired FBI Director James Comey “because he wasn’t doing a good job”. After some media outlets (not ours) compared his firing of FBI Director Comey to Watergate, the President did not disappoint with irony. On the same day here he is meeting with... Read more
Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton Emails, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, 8/10/16
Donald Trump put on a bit of a comedy show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when talking about Hillary Clinton emails and how she might have been happier if emails were not invented yet. He also talks about Hillary using her position as pay for play. What do you think Read more