President Trump Says He Is Not Firing Special Counsel Mueller
President Trump (with Vice President Pence and General McMaster by his side) says he has no intention of firing Special Counsel Bob Mueller. He also says there is no collusion and “I don’t speak to Russians” and that he won because he paid more attention to more people in... Read more
Donald Trump Thinks He is Now Tied With Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump urged his supporters and Republicans to vote. He says he saw a poll that he is now tied with Hillary Clinton and he gets the crowd going with his “Make America Great Again” slogan. Read more
Trump Attacks Obama and Clinton On Radical Islamic Terrorism
Donald Trump talks about Radical Islamic Terror and why Hillary Clinton is afraid to say it and why President Obama Won’t. Listen in Read more
Donald Trump On Debt: “I Could Be Home Taking It Easy”
Donald Trump says he would rather be at his rally’s and running for President than home taking it easy or in the sun at Mar-a-Lago. He pulls out his chart on the national debt and then rakes the President over the coals for the numbers. Read more
Trump Thinks You should Trust Him With Nukes
Donald Trump says he would be the last one to start a war and that clearly inferred that Hillary would. He says he has the best temperament. Read more
Donald Trump Loves Bikers And His Fans In Florida
Donald Trump has a raucous and loyal and loud crowd in Florida at his rallies and his professes his love for them and the bikers. He also talks about his billionaire buddy Carl Icahn. Listen in. Read more
Donald Trump Will Not Allow Businesses To leave
If Donald Trump is not elected President he has a professed future of being the “Secretary of Not Allowing Businesses to leave” and particularly to Mexico where he will build a wall and they will pay for it. When it comes to jobs Donald Trump believes in American protectionism... Read more
Ivanka Trump Wows And Speaks At The 2016 Republican Convention
Ivanka Trump and significant excerpt from her incredible speech to the Republican convention introduces her father Donald Trump for his acceptance speech for the Presidential Nomination. Read more
Gay Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Endorses Donald Trump At Republican Convention
Famous Venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel speaks on closing night of the 2016 Republican convention and makes a major point to talk about his pride in being Gay, American excellence and endorsing Donald Trump for President in a meaningful and memorable political moment that got a standing... Read more
President Obama Has Choice Words For Donald Trump
As the President’s speech at Rutgers University came to a close he had some final words about Presidential nominee Donald Trump and his plans for building a wall. Read more