President Trump Addresses The Nation About First Overseas Trip
President Trump talks about his first historic foreign trip since becoming President and it is a very serious schedule. Here is his weekly address to the nation this weekend about the trip: My fellow Americans, This weekend I begin my first trip overseas as president – a trip with... Read more
President Trump Thanks The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and thanks the Kingdom for their hospitality, invitation and long term cooperation. Read more
President Trump Shaking Hands WIth Deputy Crown Prince Of Saudia Arabia
President Trump thanked the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud and told him it was a great honor to meet him. Read more
President Trump Counsels Young People To Ignore The Critics
President Donald Trump exclaims “Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic, cause they can’t get the job done”. He gives advice to the students at Liberty University at their commencement ceremony. Read more
President Trump Is Asked If Special Counsel Is A Witch Hunt
A known White House Press Reporter asks President Donald Trump about his feeling regarding the appointment of a Special Counsel being appointed. Here is a transcript of that question and the President’s answer: Q Mr. President, I’d like to get your reaction to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s decision... Read more
President Trump Tells Students ‘Don’t Ever Quit’
President Donald Trump was speaking to the students at the Liberty University Commencement Ceremony. He delivered a strong message to follow your dreams and convictions and ‘Never Quit’ Read more
President Trump Is Asked Insulting Questions By White House Reporter
Peter Baker asks President Donald Trump a question that clearly upsets him and emphatically tells him “NO, NO”. Here is a transcript of the entire 2 questions and answers from President Trump: Peter Baker. Yes. Q Thank you, Mr. President. In the light of a very busy news week,... Read more
President Trump Meets with President Santos of Columbia
President Donald Trump warmly greets President Santos of Columbia at The White House. He talks about working with President Santos to stop the drug problems coming from his country and finding joint solutions. Read more
President Trump Speaks At The ‘Friends of Ireland’ Lunch
President Trump Participates in and Makes Remarks at the Friends of Ireland Luncheon to celebrate this St. Patricks Day. Listen in. This is the transcript of his remarks: THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Speaker Ryan, for that wonderful toast — although I’ve heard better jokes. (Laughter.) And thank... Read more
Donald Trump says he will not let businesses leave and build their plants in Mexico or anywhere else with big financial penalties. He says he has a builder friend making a fortune building plants in Mexico for businesses moving there. What are your thoughts? Read more