President Trump And Strong Handshake With New President Macron
Rounding out his trip in Europe, President Trump met with the newly elected President Macron of France. After a very interesting election win in France, President Trump congratulated the new elect on his large victory. They discussed various issues occurring around the world as well as where the two... Read more
President Trump Takes The Fight To Naval Air Station Sigonella
After First Lady Melania Trump gave her remarks on the wonderful parts of Europe, President Trump took to the stage at Naval Air Station Sigonella In Italy to express how serious he is about eradicating all forms of terrorism and how the world leaders will collectively take initiative. Read more
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Honors President Trump Friendship
In his final days of visiting Israel, President Trump was honored in a speech given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding their mutual interest in eliminating terrorism around the world and putting an end to glorifying murderers. They have been long term friends. Read more
President Trump Pays His Respects At The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chairman of the Yad Vashem memorial Avner Shalev by his side, President Donald Trump took to the podium to pay respects to the six million Jewish people that were killed during the holocaust. At the wreath laying ceremony he also touched on how... Read more
President Trump On Terrorism At Jerusalem’s National Museum
President Trump is with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ambassador David Friedman as they were in the ancient city of Jerusalem to explore its unique heritage. The President gave a speech on stopping terrorism around the globe at the National Museum. He touched on the recent gruesome terrorist attack... Read more
President Trump Meets With Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium
Alongside the current Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel, President Trump held a joint meeting where the topic of conversation was the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester and their mutual efforts to end the violence. Read more
President Trump And Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy Talk About The Pope
Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni And President Trump held a meeting together to discuss current world affairs and they talk about what it was like to meet with Pope Francis during the historic trip. Read more
President Trump Speaks Out About Ariana Grande Concert Attack
In a joint press conference with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority President Donald Trump speaks out forcefully against terrorism and the “evil losers” that perpetrate it. He shows his strong compassion for the victims in Manchester who were harmed or killed in the attack at the Ariana Grande... Read more
President Trump Reassures Prime Minister Netanyahu In Meeting
President trump states “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon, that I can tell you” while meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting together, with the world press in attendance. Read more
President Trump Surprisingly States “I Never Mentioned The Word Israel”
Referring to questions being thrown at him by reporters over leaks to the Russians involving possible Israeli intelligence, President Trump stopped everyone beginning to leave and stated he never said anything about Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu once again affirmed support for the President. Listen in to this unusual comment. Read more