Trump: “Micromanagement From Washington DC Does Not Win Battles”
President Trump is strongly relaxing the rules of engagement for the military and commanders managing troops in the field in Afghanistan and other areas of conflict. He is prepared to unleash the might of the American military on terrorism and not micro manage troops from The White House. Read more
President Trump: “We Are Not Nation Building, We Are Killing Terrorists”
President Trump will not give military troop sizes or timetables for our fight in Afghanistan or anywhere else. We hope to find peace with the Taliban, but we will not be deterred from destroying terrorism The Afghan government will have to take control of their own country and their... Read more
Trump: 20 Terrorist Organizations In Afghanistan and Pakistan
President Trump spoke about the highest concentration of terrorists in the world in Afghanistan and Pakistan and he reminds us of the consequences of that threat which caused the situation that horrified the world this past week in Barcelona, Spain. Read more
President Trump Speaks About Unity And Against Racism And Bigotry
Remembering and reflecting upon the lessons learned recently from Charlottesville, President Trump addresses military service members about unity, love, heroes, and the American ideal against bigotry and hate and saving America for freedom and unity. Read more
President Trump Speaks Out For ‘Kate’s Law’ In His Weekly Address
President Donald Trump speaks out strongly against repeat criminal offender illegal immigrants to help make America safe. He is supporting the well known “Kate’s Law” and the “No Santuary For Criminals Act” and he will sign both into law if they are approved by congress. Read more
Famed Cuban Violinist Plays The National Anthem For President Trump
Famed Violinist Luis Haza and Cuban dissdent brings emotion to the crowd and President Trump by playing the National Anthem with his violin. After the execution of his father by the Castro regime, Castro’s troops forced Haza to play the violin for them. Haza chose to play the American... Read more
President Trump Keeps His Promise About Cuba Deal In Miami
President Donald Trump does not buy any of what the Castro regime is trying to sell and he supports the people from Cuba in Miami and he does not hesitate to let them know what he thinks of communism and the current government in Cuba in this part of... Read more
Prime Minister Abe And President Trump Hold Meeting On North Korea
During his travels abroad, President Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe to discuss their renewed commitments to each other as well as their mutual interest in solving the massive problem that is North Korea’s agenda. Read more
President Trump Takes The Lead And Stuns At NATO Summit
In Brussels, Belgium, many leaders of the western world gathered for a NATO conference that was also an unveiling for the memorials of Article 5 and the Berlin Wall. Aside from this memorial, President Trump wanted to deliver a speech on the importance of a united front on terrorism... Read more
Stunning First Lady Melania Trump Reflects On Trip With Soldiers
During the presidents trip outside the United States to improve relations, one of their final stops was at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. First Lady Melania Trump gave a heartfelt speech reflecting on her trip with her husband, President Donald Trump. There is a presidential kiss at the... Read more